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· 15 min read


One of the most valuable properties of many blockchain applications is trustlessness: the ability of the application to continue operating in an expected way without needing to rely on a specific actor to behave in a specific way even when their interests might change and push them to act in some different unexpected way in the future. Blockchain applications are never fully trustless, but some applications are much closer to being trustless than others.

· 4 min read


Crypto has recently received significant attention from media, policymakers and regulators; the most notable being the SEC's recent action against multiple crypto businesses and personalities. While the merit of these actions is up for debate, it's clear that regulation is not going away and will remain a relevant aspect of crypto and blockchain into the future.

· 5 min read


On Ethereum block number 12,965,000 on August 5, Eden Network will go fully operational. The Eden Network’s mission is to protect users against malicious MEV and make Ethereum safer for regular users. Eden Network also improves the earnings of Ethereum block producers and increases the security of the network. The network will launch with support from several major Ethereum mining pools and a strong community that includes some of the biggest projects in crypto.