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Introducing: Eden Speed RPC

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Time is a commodity, so speed should be a priority. We usually measure time in hours, minutes and seconds, but in crypto, milliseconds matter.

Whether you're a bot operator, an NFT collector, or a memecoin enthusiast, the tiniest of edges can make or break a big payday.

With that in mind, Eden Network has launched a new product originating from engineering research into a simple question:

What is the fastest way to get a transaction into the Ethereum mempool?

The answer to that question resulted in Eden Speed RPC. A new set of endpoints that exclusively optimize for transaction propagation speed.

Transaction Propagation Optimized for Inclusion Time

Our research goal was to understand which parts of an Ethereum transaction's journey from generation to pending in the mempool could be meaningfully sped up and where delays most likely occur when submitting public transactions to different services.

Today's public RPCs typically operate in roughly the following way:


A user will submit their transaction to an endpoint located somewhere in the world, and usually behind several layers of various services. It is then propagated to nearby nodes using the public gossip protocol, and eventually seen by a builder who will pick it up and include it in their block.

Every step in the transaction propagation process creates latency, and we identified multiple engineering opportunities to reduce transaction propagation time.


First-hop geography is a primary source of latency. As an example, pinging servers across the Atlantic takes about 100ms, so using an endpoint physically close to the transaction origination is a good first step to reduce latency. It also helps to propagate transactions as directly as possible throughout Ethereum's global set of potentially block-producing nodes.

Like many blockchain users, we get frustrated by slow transactions and we know for many users speed is a critical deciding factor for which services to use.

Today Eden Speed RPC becomes available to the public.

Now anyone - from searchers to traders - can take advantage of speed-optimized global infrastructure for transaction propagation on Ethereum.

Why Milliseconds Still Matter with Ethereum's 12s Slot Times

Each time a block is produced, it is sealed on a scheduled cadence (by default, every one second). As block builders create sealed blocks and share them with proposers, it becomes less likely that the existing sealed block will be replaced by a new one, and more likely your transaction will now be placed into the following block.

Even with 12 second slot times, as blocks are sealed in the first second of the slot, propagation speed is highly important for next-block transaction inclusion. Milliseconds really do matter. The faster your transaction reaches the mempool, the more likely it is to be included in the upcoming block.

Eden Network's custom infrastructure is built with a focus on speed. It features the highly performant gRPC communication protocol, which is used to share transactions between edge nodes faster than traditional RPC methods.

Who Should Use Eden Speed RPC?

Any ecosystem participant for whom transaction propagation speed is essential. Some examples:

  • Searchers/bot operators - If you're attempting fast propagation by sending to multiple services, Eden Speed RPC is for you.
  • Traders - If you need to buy the latest low liquidity memecoin as fast as possible, or quickly mint your next NFT before it sells out, Eden Speed RPC is for you.
  • Wallets - If you want your users to experience ultra-fast transaction confirmation, Eden Speed RPC is for you.

Note: Eden Speed RPC is optimized for sending Ethereum transactions to the public mempool. If you need an endpoint with bundle support, we recommend Eden Bundles, and for MEV protection, we recommend Eden Rocket RPC.

Choose Your Nearest RPC

Eden Speed RPC offers endpoints in three major user locations, so users may reduce their first-hop latency and use Eden Network's speed-optimized global infrastructure for transaction propagation.

To use Eden Speed RPC, go to 'Add a custom network' on MetaMask and enter the details of the below endpoint closest to your location:

Western Europe

Network Name: Eden Speed - W Europe
Chain ID: 1
Currency Symbol: ETH
Block Explorer URL:

USA East

Network Name: Eden Speed - USA East
Chain ID: 1
Currency Symbol: ETH
Block Explorer URL:


Network Name: Eden Speed - Tokyo
Chain ID: 1
Currency Symbol: ETH
Block Explorer URL:

The Need For Speed

There are dozens of public RPCs available on Ethereum, and we know it can be difficult to decide which is most suitable for individual needs. While many focus on providing MEV protection, including one of our very own, there aren't many public RPCs suitable for users for whom speed is a priority. We hope that Eden Speed RPC fills that gap.

For many users, Eden Speed RPC will be the fastest RPC on Ethereum, and we can prove it. The RPC Speed Test allows anyone to objectively measure the speed efficiency of any public RPC on Ethereum. If you are located near any of the three Eden Speed endpoints, we are confident that our RPC will perform better on average than any competing RPC.

If you have any questions or feedback on Eden Speed RPC, or a suggestion for a regional endpoint location, write to us on X/Twitter, or join us on Discord.

Learn more about Eden Network on our website and in our docs.