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Alpha Release: Ethereum Mempool Streaming Service

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Eden Network is in the business of transaction speed. We recently released Eden Speed RPC, which, for many users, is the fastest way to transaction propagation on Ethereum. More recently, Then we released the RPC Speed Test, an open source tool that compares the propagation speed of any Ethereum public endpoint. Today, the Ethereum Mempool Streaming Service, our next speed-focused product, has been released in Alpha, and we're looking for testers!

Developed specifically for MEV searchers and block builders, the service provides ultra fast access to Ethereum's global mempool, allowing users to spot MEV opportunities and build blocks as fast as possible.

As each node sees a different view of the mempool, and thus a different set of pending transactions, the time it takes a searcher to spot an MEV opportunity depends on how many nodes they personally operate, other mempool services they're subscribed to, their geographical location, and some luck.

Our Ethereum Mempool Streaming Service aims to remove some of these dependencies and provide users with as complete a view of the global mempool as possible; as fast as possible.

This is achieved through Eden's global, speed-optimized network infrastructure, which also powers Eden Speed RPC.


Infrastructure example only. Not indicative of actual node locations.

Why It's Important

MEV searching and block building are two of the most competitive spaces on Ethereum, and the focus of some of the network's most advanced users. In a landscape that is PvP by design, the tiniest edges can make the biggest difference. The faster transactions are visible, the more quickly bundles can be formed, increasing their likelihood of being picked up. A few milliseconds really can make or break a big payday.

For more information on how to send bundles on Eden Bundle RPC check our docs.

Beyond MEV, our Ethereum Mempool Streaming Service can also be used by Eth developers to improve dapp and wallet user experience, manage automated transaction execution strategies, and anticipate the gas fee market.

How to Get Access

Eden's Ethereum Mempool Streaming Service is currently in Alpha, and we're looking for testers!

If you're interested in trying out ultra fast access to Ethereum's mempool, join our Discord and write to us in the #mempool-service channel.

During this stage of Alpha testing, the service will be available for free to selected users. Access to the paid service following the Alpha period is tbd.

More Info

Read more about Eden's Ethereum Mempool Streaming Service in our docs, and if you have any questions, tweet at us or join our Discord.

If you are a searcher already using our Eden Bundles endpoint the Ethereum Mempool Streaming Service should help give you an additional winrate edge.

Special thanks to metachris from Flashbots for supporting the Eden endpoint in Flashbots Mempool Dumpster.

You can explore the raw data, summaries and the ETL process on Github.