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Eden Network Launches Liquidity Mining Program

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Starting today, liquidity providers can stake EDEN-ETH Sushi LP tokens in the Eden Network web app and receive EDEN token rewards. Staked users will begin accruing token rewards and voting power on Monday, August 2 at 9:00pm EST.

A total of 5.7 million EDEN will be distributed to liquidity providers during the first month, which is approximately 400% greater than in following months, and will help bootstrap liquidity for the EDEN token. The monthly token issuance for liquidity providers follows the release schedule below.

eden-liquidity-rewards Cumulative EDEN Token Rewards

EDEN rewards are added automatically to a balance on the staking dashboard and can be claimed anytime, with no vesting terms.

In addition to receiving EDEN token rewards, liquidity providers will also receive their portion of the 0.25% swap fees generated by Sushi.

How to join

  1. Acquire EDEN and ETH tokens. For example, using Sushi.
  2. Add liquidity to the EDEN-ETH pool on Sushi in equal parts
  3. Stake EDEN-ETH Sushi LP tokens in the Eden Network web app

Questions? Drop us a line in our Discord or Telegram group! And follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on Eden Network.