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Consensus Layer Infrastructure: Eden Network After The Merge

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TL;DR action points at the end of the blog.

With The Merge well and truly upon us, the core team has been busy preparing how Eden Network will adapt to Ethereum as it transitions to Proof-of-Stake and proposer/builder separation.

Much of our recent focus has been future proofing Eden by embracing PoS blockchains such as Avalanche. While we are big believers in a multichain future, Eden was born on Ethereum and we are excited to grow and evolve with it.

Currently on Ethereum PoW, we operate a private transaction network that benefits users via our custom RPCs, mining partners via $EDEN token incentives, and smart contract users via our slot auction/tenant system. This is all achieved through our custom relay, Eden RPC, and custom client, eden-geth.

Infrastructure tooling is at the core of everything we do, and post-Merge, where we will exclusively support Ethereum PoS, our main focus will be operating block building infrastructure, while also providing services to other block builders and producers. Our user-focused products share the same backend infrastructure and will also remain operational.

Eden Relay - Block Builder Hub

Our public relay will continue to operate on Ethereum PoS and is expanding to allow third party access, transforming it into a block builder hub. This free infrastructure provision increases decentralization in the consensus layer and reduces reliance on any single relay, ultimately minimizing a single point of failure.

Eden Relay will forward blocks from block builders directly to a partner network of validators (mev-boost compatible). These relationships will function similarly to our current PoW mining partners, with a distinction that our block producing partners will not receive $EDEN token incentives. More on that below.

Third-party block builder access to Eden Relay will be available shortly after The Merge. Those interested in using Eden Relay can read more about it in our docs, and contact us via Twitter DM or Discord.


Eden Network's Consensus Layer Infrastructure

Transaction Protection via Eden's RPCs

We are pleased that our RPCs - both Eden and Eden Rocket - will continue to provide users with MEV-resistant transactions on Ethereum.

DEX traders will continue to be vulnerable to frontrunning post-Merge, and the best way to protect yourself is by using Eden RPC or Eden Rocket RPC. Read about the difference between them and how to set them up in your web3 wallet (e.g. MetaMask) here.

For current RPC users, no action is required to continue usage post-Merge on the PoS chain; web3 wallet configuration remains the same.

The Merge is one of the most complex engineering and coordination feats in history, and as such, we expect a small amount of RPC downtime following it. We will provide real time updates on Twitter as to when both RPCs are live again, and if any issues arise. Users wanting to make transactions in the moments after The Merge should use the default Ethereum Mainnet network in MetaMask.

Decreased $EDEN Token Emissions

PoW miner $EDEN incentives are responsible for a vast majority of token emissions. As mining comes to an end on Ethereum PoS, $EDEN emissions will be curbed by 80%, greatly decreasing supply inflation.

Post-Merge, emissions will solely come from Staker Extractable Value (SEV) rewards and Sushi LP incentives, which will both continue at their current rates. We are open to community feedback on these emission rates and are happy to discuss the merits of increasing or decreasing incentives for either program.

Block Priority Removal

While Ethereum's move to PoS is undoubtedly a net positive, it also means that some Eden products will no longer be viable. Due to the nature of proposer/builder separation, block priority in its current format will become infeasible. A consequence of this is Eden RPC will no longer provide transaction priority to $EDEN stakers, and the slot auction/tenant system will cease. These two products will continue to function until completion of The Merge.

Beyond The Merge

Eden Network's future is bright. Our team is dedicated and motivated, and as the multichain world continues to expand, so will we as we build and launch new products on an array of blockchains.

A lot is going on behind the scenes, which we will share in due course. Until then, join us on Discord to chat about all things Eden and blockchain infrastructure, and follow us on Twitter to keep up with all the latest.

TL;DR action points:

Block Builders - If you're interested in using Eden Relay, contact us via Twitter DM or on Discord.

Block Producers - If you're interested in partnering with Eden Network, contact us via Twitter DM or on Discord.

Eden RPC / Eden Rocket RPC users - No action required. Some initial downtime expected post-Merge, but business as usual once service resumes.

$EDEN stakers - No action required. Block priority will be removed, but SEV rewards remain - you'll still get paid to trade!