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New Gaming Guild Partnership Eden x APEX Clan

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Eden Gaming Guild (EGG) is happy to announce its partnership with APEX, the #1 ranked clan on Castle Crush. Over 40 players from APEX are now renting Founder & Ascend Castle Crush NFTs from EGG's treasury, which accumulate token rewards for players and the guild's treasury.

EGG launched this past month, with Castle Crush as the pilot game. In addition to generating treasury revenue through clan partnerships, the guild also gives additional utility to the EDEN token by allowing EDEN stakers to rent NFTs at an increased token playtime reward-sharing rate. EDEN stakers receive 85% of $ACS tokens earned during NFT rentals, while non-Stakers receive 50%.

In addition to receiving higher rewards from gameplay, EGG members limit their exposure/risk by renting rather than buying premium NFTs (that may or may not be liquid). EGG members also always have priority access to NFT rentals above non-members. All persons with more than 100 EDEN staked are automatically members of the EGG. Get and stake EDEN here.

Who is Apex?

APEX is the largest active clan in Castle Crush, boasting 200 active members from 15 countries worldwide. Four clans fall under the APEX umbrella, with three main clans and a fourth clan (APEX Nextgen) that acts as a breeding ground for the next generation of warriors before they move to one of the main clans.

In addition to being highly competitive, the clan also holds the distinction of several in-game records, including the most members in the top 10 leaderboards (8/10). It is also the only clan in the history of the game that has held the top two positions in the in-game clan rankings, as well as having three clans among the top 10 worldwide.

Members are expected to log in and play daily, with competitiveness and activity valued highly in the clan, which falls in line with APEX's goal to always be the highest-ranking clan in Castle Crush.


By partnering with APEX, EGG ensures high utilization of its NFTs, and increased leaderboard competitiveness for APEX. Token rewards are generated for the guild's treasury, while the NFTs help APEX climb and maintain their top ranking in Castle Crush. That's what we call a PLAY AND WIN WIN!

Eden will review the partnership at the end of each season (three weeks), and based on new Eden staker NFT requests, will determine how many/which NFTs will be available for APEX clan members.

EGG is excited to see how far the partnership can go and is looking forward to expanding to more games in the future.

About Eden Gaming Guild (EGG)

Eden Gaming Guild (EGG) is a new initiative by Eden Network, aimed at providing more utility to the EDEN token. As blockchain gaming grows in popularity, so will the number of games that EGG will provide NFT coverage/rentals for.

Eden Network also provides infrastructure support and subnet management for GameFi/ blockchain games. Since August 2021, Eden Network has supported Ethereum and other blockchains' core infrastructure. To learn more about the EGG, click here.