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LET THE CRUSHING BEGIN - Eden Network Launches Gaming Guild with Featured Game Castle Crush

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Eden Network is excited to roll out new utility for the EDEN token through the launch of the Eden Gaming Guild (EGG). EGG gives EDEN stakers complimentary access to performance-boosting NFTs in the blockchain gaming space, some of which are play-to-earn (P2E) & play-to-own (P2O).

Eden is spearheading the program with Castle Crush, a mobile real-time strategy game with 1M+ monthly players and a P2E aspect that allows users to earn $ACS tokens as rewards. EGG has 100 NFTs available for EDEN stakers to borrow, which boost in-game card performance and add $ACS token rewards for the player & owner. Eden Network is also an official validation partner for the upcoming Castle Crush subnet.

How does it work?

Normally, Castle Crush players earn $ACS tokens by leveling up their cards through battlefield victories, and by participating in high-level castle matches & game seasons. The other option for players is to equip NFT card(s), which accelerates the amount of $ACS earned per victory on a daily basis and allows players to start earning tokens from the first-level castle instead of waiting until castle level 9+. $ACS tokens can be used to purchase additional Castle Crush NFTs, or alternatively can be sold on an exchange like Trader Joe. Lastly, players can also decide to upgrade their existing NFT cards to further boost performance and achieve even higher $ACS rewards from playing the game.

Players rent NFTs through the lending platform reNFT, where a portion of rewards earned using the NFTs are set aside for the lender. All EDEN stakers are now automatically members of the Eden Gaming Guild, and can borrow any of the Guild's 100 Castle Crush NFTs at a higher rewards rate than non-EDEN stakers. Specifically, EDEN stakers receive 85% of rewards, while non-stakers receive 50%. All rewards generated for the Eden Gaming Guild will be set aside for either further guild development or payout as part of SEV phase 2.

The Eden Gaming Guild currently has 50 standard NFTs and 50 limited-edition founder NFTs. Founder NFTs earn $ACS at a higher rate than standard NFTs. Founder NFTs are also slated to receive their portion of 10% of Castle Crush treasury revenues. More details on this, and the full token schedule can be found in the Castle Crush whitepaper.

Note: In the future, the Eden team may decide to change the % fee to increase reward generation for the Eden Game Guild Treasury and/or EDEN stakers.

Getting Started

To get started, users must first connect their Castle Crush account to their crypto wallet. A video tutorial can be found here.

Once connected, stakers can post their wallet address in the #gaming-guild channel in the Eden Network discord, where it will be whitelisted by a mod. Players should also add information about the NFT card they wish to rent. Available NFT cards are listed here. NFT cards can be rented for a period of 21 days before the NFT is returned back into the pool. If a player wants to re-rent the NFT, they can reach out to a mod in the #game-guild channel.

Tip: Make sure you are connected to the Avalanche network and are using the same wallet address connected to your Castle Crush account.

After the wallet has been whitelisted for the NFT cards that were selected, players can revisit reNFT to rent their Castle Crush NFTs. A video tutorial on this can be found here.

Tip: Please remember to add filter "Only show whitelist for me" on reNFT website to ensure that you don't rent the wrong NFT card(s).

After renting the NFT card(s), they will appear in the player's deck inside the game application starting in the next cycle, which starts at midnight UTC. $ACS rewards will accrue to the player's linked crypto wallet every 24h. So time to HAVE FUN ;), start crushing, and keep those sweet $ACS rewards coming every day.

Tip: You have to play the NFTs at least once every day and WIN ONE battle to earn the daily $ACS rewards.

EDEN [EGG] Castle Crush in-game Clan

Eden Gaming Guild has created an in-game clan named "EDEN [EGG]" that anyone can join to help bring EGG to the top of the leaderboard. Other than achieving bragging rights, top 200 clans get an additional $ACS rewards multiplier, and all clan members are able to receive and share cards with each other.

A few details on token earnings that can be obtained by all clan members if we crush together:

Clan AP ($ACS) bonus:

Clan Rank Clan Bonus

1: +25%

2: +20%

3: +15%

4-20: +10%

21-100: +5%

101-200: +2.5%

League AP ($ACS) bonus:

Player League League Bonus

Master I: +15%

Master II: +20%

Master III: +25%

Grand Master I: +30%

Grand Master II: +35%

Grand Master III: +40%

Champion I: +45%

Champion II: +50%

Grand Champion I: +55%

Best of Season: +110%

Leveling up NFTs also increases their rewards potential according to the schedule below.

Source: Castle Crush

Each Ascension Points (AP) from the above table should be multiplied by 2.5 which will then be the $ACS token reward earned by the player on a daily basis. For example, a Legendary NFT with Ascend +2 would have a daily payout of 32 ACS. NB. Daily $ACS rewards are capped at 415,000 $ACS. If more than 415,000 are scheduled to be distributed, rewards will proportionally downscaled to the 415,000 limit. Having more APs will help give you are bigger share of the pool (i.e. bigger $ACS token payout)


Whether you're a seasoned blockchain gamer or new to the space, the Eden Gaming Guild benefits players with complimentary access to premium game content and enhanced Play 2 Earn & Play 2 Own earnings. We look forward to bringing more games and NFTs into our program. Have a suggestion? Drop us a line in our #game-guild channel on Discord!

So don't be a pawn, take control of your army and let's crush together!!

EDEN [EGG] for the WIN

CALLING ALL GAMEFI SUBNETS & GAME GUILDS!! Eden Gaming Guild is looking for more partners and we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to our hard working ambassadors on our Discord channel or contact willch/Andreas from the core Eden team.