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Ethereum Mempool Streaming Service

Eden Network's Ethereum Mempool Streaming Service helps you build better blocks, faster. Real-time access to the entire transaction pool, featuring thousands of data points, puts you in complete control of optimal block and bundle formation.

3Eden providers
1,000,000+Daily Streamed Transactions
95%+Transactions Included On-Chain
$0Subscription Fee

How it works

The Mempool

Before Ethereum transactions are added to the blockchain, they are placed in a common pool, known as the mempool, where block builders and MEV searchers compete to build the most profitable transaction blocks.

But the mempool is not a central entity, rather a distributed data structure supported by multiple nodes across the network. Each node maintains its own mempool snapshot, and each snapshot contains numerous unique transactions. This means block builders and searchers need significant infrastructure and compute to see a complete view of the Ethereum mempool.

Enter Eden Network.

Eden's Ethereum Mempool Stream

Through the use of our globally distributed, speed-optimized infrastructure, Eden Network has real-time access to the entire mempool. The mempool streaming service provides users with ultra-fast access to give them the best opportunity at building blocks first.

Looking for Alpha Testers!

The Ethereum Mempool Streaming Service is currently in private alpha, and we’re looking for participants to test the service for free! Follow these steps to join us.

Use Cases

Identify MEV Opportunities First

In a game where milliseconds can mean the difference between hitting and missing a big score, speed is truly of the essence. Adding Eden Network’s view of the public mempool can make or break an opportunity.

Efficient Market Maker Management

More data is better. Access to Eden Network’s view of the public mempool can provide more complete data points to help with risk and spread management.

Real-Time Transaction Analysis

Be first to identify transaction changes and anomalies, model gas price fluctuations, or spot the next trending token. All this and more.

General On-Chain Analysis

Don’t stop at transaction modeling, become an on-chain sleuth with access to thousands of real-time data points.


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